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After the Auction

Payment to Consignor 

  • Luban Auction Gallery will provide you a full amount for your sold items from the auction within 30 days.
  • Inform you of any installment arrangement made with a wining bidder or winning bidders.
  • Pay all proceeds of the sale due to the consignor with check or checks.

Unsold Items

Unsold items are typically not meet the reserve during the auction. If you are a consignor, you can either pick one of the following metods:

  • You may continue to consign the item or items to Luban Auction Gallery. This item or these items will then be offered in a future auction for similar items.
  • You may choose to allow Luban Auction Gallery to offer the item or items for private treaty sale, or
  • You may have the item or items returned to you.

If an item fails to sell in multiple consecutive auctions, Luban Auction Gallery reserves the right to limit the number of auction attempts for a given item.